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When there is something wrong with your vehicle, the sooner your catch it and fix it the better. Catching problems early can mean less cost to fix the problem and less time in the garage.

Keep your vehicle safe and in good working condition by keeping a regular maintenance routine. We recommend that any smoke coming from your tailpipe be inspected by a certified mechanic.

Check out our blog about engine lights and car smells for more information about vehicle warning signs.

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White Smoke

When do you see white smoke? If you only see white smoke when you start your vehicle, there is a good chance it is only condensation. However, billowing white smoke indicates a more serious mechanical problem. It could mean that your engine is burning coolant which can lead to overheating.

Black Smoke

Black smoke coming from your exhaust pipe that means that there is too much fuel mixing with air. Your air filter likely needs replacing. Getting this issue looked at is important because your fuel-efficiency will be compromised and it could lead to more serious problems.

Blue Smoke

The presence of blue smoke indicates that your engine is burning oil. Make sure your are checking your oil levels and keeping track of any irregularities.

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