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Vehicles have several ways to telling us that something is wrong. These warning signs can help drivers make better decisions and prevent the problem from getting worse. The team at Luther Bloomington Kia dealership Richfield put together a list of common car smells that indicate a problem.

Here are some important car smells that indicate a problem with your vehicle.

Car smells like burning rubber

This smell most likely indicates an misplaced belt or loose hose. This is an easy fix, but if you let it go too long it could become a bigger problem. Take it to a service center as soon as you can.

Car smells like rotten eggs

This smell indicates a serious problem in your vehicle. The smell comes from the catalytic converter when the exhaust system isn’t working right. It’s an expensive fix but thankfully your exhaust system is usually covered by your warranty.

Car smells like syrup

Smell something sweet and steamy? Check your engine’s temperature. A syrup scent is given off when your coolant is leaking. Keeping your engine cool is essential. You need to have this issue checked out as soon as possible.

Car smells like gasoline

The smell of gasoline is distinctive. It could indicate any number of problems. Your engine could be flooded or fuel could be leaking from the fuel injector line. Keep in mind that gasoline is flammable and dangerous. For your safety we recommend taking your vehicle to the nearest service center.

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