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December 29th, 2015 by

Don’t let this winter get the best of you. Here are some easy car hacks from the team at Luther Bloomington Kia dealership you can use this winter.

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Check the roads before you leave.

It’s always a good idea to check the roads, let someone know where you are going and arrange to contact them when you have safely reached your destination.

Use car mats or cardboard behind your tires.

Stuck in the snow? Put your car mats or cardboard behind your wheels to give them more traction.

Put kitty litter in a sock to prevent fog.

Avoid waiting for your car windows to clear-up by using a sock filled with kitty litter. Simply leave the sock at the center of your dash over night. The kitty litter will absorb the moisture and keep the windows clear. Check out this tutorial.

Spray your doors with cooking spray.

Prevent your doors from freezing shut by spraying cooking spray on the interior of the door.

De-ice your windshield with vinegar.

A mixture of ? vinegar and ? water works great if you are trying to get rid of ice. We do not recommend using warm or boiling water to melt ice on your windows. The heat could cause the window to crack or shatter.

Make sure your car is in good condition.

Don’t ignore dash lights until it’s too late. Your vehicle will be most reliable if it is serviced regularly by a certified mechanic. Find the best mechanics in Minneapolis at Luther Bloomington Kia near Richfield. Click here to schedule a service appointment online.

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