Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil: What’s the Difference?

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As our Service Center technicians will tell you, there are more differences between synthetic and conventional oil than just a name. Synthetic oils typically offer more protection over conventional oils, but they will also cost you more. However, don’t forget that some engines require synthetic oil, so always reference your Kia owner’s manual before any oil changes. Learn more about synthetic vs. conventional oil below!

What is Conventional (Regular) Oil?

Sometimes simply referred to as “regular” oil, conventional oil is petroleum based, and has been used in standard internal combustion engines for decades to help lubricate internal parts and reduce engine wear. Not only that, it also helps to protect the engine from high temperatures.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is petroleum based like regular oil, but offers enhanced lubrication properties and tends to be more stable. In general, synthetic oils oxidize less easily and will retain their protective properties to a higher degree. The development of synthetic oils is a precise science that makes them superior, and more expensive, than conventional oils. Synthetic oil properties include:

  • Less viscosity at lower temperatures
  • Enhanced engine cleaning properties
  • Better protection for turbocharger parts (when equipped)
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How Do Full Synthetic vs. Synthetic Blends Differ?

In addition to synthetic oils and conventional oils (often called mineral oils), you can also find synthetic blends. As you might expect, these oils are combinations of synthetic and conventional oils. Synthetic blends create a great middle ground as they are more affordable than full synthetic oils, but still provide enhanced protection and properties compared to standard conventional oil.

Note: some vehicles to require full synthetic oil! Be sure to check your owner’s manual or contact our service experts if you have any doubts about what oil you car takes.

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